EP in partnership with AWS using Advanced Algorithms and Text-to-Speech Technology to Improve Learning

Detailed Data Analytics in The Cloud

As an EdTech company, it was a necessity to use the cloud to access the necessary infrastructure to allow EP to continue the rapid expansion into classrooms globally. The financial metrics were easy, the cloud was the way to go, with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud being EP’s first and best choice back in 2012. Processing and storing significant volumes of student learning and assessment data demanded best in class security. AWS provided EP - and our users - confidence. 

“AWS allows us to scale up and down quickly, and to easily deliver content globally.”  said Ben Crowl, Education Perfect’s Head of Engineering.

Availability is key for EP through the school year. In a single week, students answered more than 177 million subject questions. To support this spike in usage, EP required its operations to be tuned automatically with limited manual intervention. Through an auto-scaling API the performance data is collected and stored in Amazon Aurora, RDS and Dynamo DB, while the applications and content are delivered worldwide over the Amazon Cloudfront CDN.

“Being in the cloud vastly increases the number of students we can reach, because we can rapidly and automatically scale our service based on demand.  It also adds huge flexibility to the kinds of data we can store, which in turn supports better reporting and insights,” said Ben Crowl.

Advanced algorithms powering recommendations and automation

AWS also provides much needed capacity when dealing with high quantities of custom data sets. Rich data analytics provide the opportunity for teachers to track student growth between pre and post-tests, identifying and targeting remediation. EP’s adaptive learning capability delivers custom learning experiences that address the unique needs of a student through real-time feedback, pathways, and resources (rather than providing a one-size-fits-all learning experience).  

Turning Text Into Lifelike Speech

Partnering with AWS has also enabled EP to add the power of Amazon Polly, which is a service using advanced deep learning technologies to turn text into lifelike speech. 

Amazon Polly offers Neural Text-to-Speech (NTTS) voices, delivering advanced improvements in speech quality through a new machine learning approach, offering customers one of the most natural and human-like text-to-speech voices on the market. This allows EP to create applications that talk and build entirely new categories of speech-enabled products.  That means that any student can hear a voice for a question without having to read words on each lesson. Students can follow the text and the speech together, which creates a more harmonious and active learning environment. Hearing natural voices drives higher engagement and makes it easier for those with reading challenges to learn how to read. This allows much greater engagement for those students with different learning styles. This technology fits beautifully with EP’s inclusive learning philosophy, now more students than ever before can learn, even if they can’t yet effectively read the course content. EP has developed other uses for Amazon Polly, such as generating sound files for vocabulary lists if a sound recording for a word is not available.

“It is amazing to have the technology to generate sound files when we don’t have them available in our system. This gives us more flexibility especially when dealing with complex vocabulary and phrases that teachers might require” – Philippa Kruger, Head of Languages

Learning the EP way

Alongside 4,500+ positive reviews from teachers, Education Perfect receives hundreds of emails, videos, and letters from teachers and students all over the world, in many different languages, expressing their joy of learning the EP way.  It’s feedback like this that energizes the EP team, keeping them driven and passionate about their mission.

“My students love Education Perfect. It gives them the opportunity to work at their own pace and develop new skills. The activities are interactive and engaging and they love the instant feedback. The response from parents has been very positive. It is a great tool for differentiation and very useful for tracking the progress of our students.” – Claire Thomas of Loreto Kirribilli  

EP continues to leverage AWS technology to deliver transformative teaching and learning outcomes to its rapidly growing global user base. AWS has played a pivotal role in the delivery of these experiences and both organisations are working more closely to redefine 21st century teaching and learning in K-12 education.