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    Assessment for LearningPersonalised LearningVisible Learning and Student AgencyTeacher and Student WellbeingFlipping the ClassroomIntercultural CapabilityCross-curricular and Project-based LearningEPIC

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    Assessment for Learning

    Effective implementation of assessment for learning strategies empowers both teachers and students to harness the power of feedback to guide next learning steps. This course covers both the foundational principles and practical steps for implementing effective assessment for learning strategies.

    Personalised Learning

    Incorporating personalisation into your teaching can be one of the most challenging yet high-impact ways to help students. This course explores practical ways to create a rich and inclusive learning environment for your students while providing targeted support for priority learners.

    Visible Learning and Student Agency

    Leading students to develop a growth mindset is a key aim for all teachers. This course covers how teachers can use strategies and online tools to make learning of students visible and put their educational outcomes in their hands.

    Teacher and Student Wellbeing

    Creating a positive classroom/school culture, focused on developing meaningful relationships and supporting you and your community’s well-being, is not only central to our collective mental health but is also a prerequisite for effective learning. This course will help you develop your own well-being practices and look at how these can be simply applied to your classroom.

    Flipping the Classroom

    Flipping the classroom encourages students to take ownership of their learning and ensures they are active members in their education. This course explores methods for facilitating rich learning outside of the four walls of a classroom. Expose your students to a 21st century learning approach enabled by technology.

    Intercultural Capability

    Intercultural Capability is the ability to identify ones own culture, values and beliefs and identify with those of others. In this course, we will explore how you can get your students to recognise culture and develop respect, interact and empathise with others and reflect on intercultural experiences.

    Cross-curricular and Project-based Learning

    As modern pedagogies shift more towards an emphasis on core competencies and soft skills, implementing effective cross-curricular and project-based teaching and learning is vital. This course explores ways in which thematic tasks, projects and lessons can be created, assigned, collaborated upon and tracked using online tools.


    EPIC conferences are full-day Professional Learning events that bring educators together to discuss a range of pedagogical ideas and how these can link to use of EP. EPIC conferences count for 5 teacher-identified PD hours to go towards teacher registration. We will be delivering exciting content to you across 5 hours of teacher identified PD. You’ll be able to access this conference from any location via our online conferencing platform.