Our creative and innovative EPeeps make up our evergrowing team. All of our EPeeps play an important part in the continuous improvement of our platform, content, and support, and we'd love for you to get to know them!

Our Values

The EP values were developed by the team and introduced in 2019. Any new member of the team is expected to follow these simple principles. We hope you like them.

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Product & Engineering

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Customer Support

EP Impact

EP Impact has three focus areas.


In 2019 we introduced a Wellness budget for all EPeeps. This can be spent on anything that provides a team member a level of work-life balance.


Our aim is to be carbon NEUTRAL in 2020.

EP for All

Offering our product 'EP for Classroom' for FREE to help boost education where it is most needed. 

Life at EP

Dunedin Weekly F45

End of Year Dress-up Party

Women in Tech education

Team Amazing Race