EPeeps Paula Prouse | Leader of Pedagogy

Today we introduce you to the incredibly bubbly and passionate lifelong learning advocate, Paula! She completed her Masters of Education with Distinction while working, looking after her son, and pregnant with her daughter. Focused on leadership and tech in the classroom, Paula is already having an enormous impact on our growing community of educators, our team and brings joy where she goes.

“Learning an additional language is a wonderfully winding journey: it’s challenging, deeply personal, and students need to take it at their own pace. When I used EP in my classroom, I observed that the platform beautifully supported and enhanced what I was teaching. I saw students gain confidence using French, because they could consolidate vocabulary and grammar in a way that worked for them.”

Meet Paula

Hi! My name is Paula and I’m the Leader of Pedagogy at EP. I’m a trained secondary French and English teacher and grew up and taught in Wellington. I’m married to Paul (yup, Paul and Paula) and have a three-year-old, Archie, and a one-year old, Margaux. I get a real buzz about education and lifelong learning and last year, graduated from Victoria University of Wellington with my Master of Education. I focused on educational leadership and also digital technologies in the classroom. It was a full-on time with a toddler, being pregnant, and working, but with some epic support, endless cups of tea, and late nights, I got there!

Back in 2015, I remember sitting at my kitchen bench with my husband looking at the EP website saying “gosh if there’s one company I’d ever work for that wasn’t in teaching, it’d be EP” and without any exaggeration, the following week I was approached by co-founder Craig and asked to interview for a new role. I had used EP throughout my teaching career and hopped on board to provide professional development for teachers undertaking the pilot online examinations. I just loved, and continue to love, the commitment to making learning engaging, fun, and effective.

A day in the life…

I work from home, so my interactions are mainly online. I interact with my manager Emma, Head of Operations, and she supports any projects I’m undertaking. I work closely with Jimmy, our Global Head of English. He is one of the hosts of our new podcast series called EPisodes: Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age. We collaborate really well on crafting new content to be released. I also link in most days with Olivia, Head of Training and Professional Development, and Nikita, Marketing Operations Manager, for their help with design, advice on social media, and general inspiration. It’s such a neat group of people.

I’m currently focussed on growing our LinkedIn and Facebook groups which are collaborative hubs for educators to share resources, interact, and engage with educational articles we produce. I know how busy teachers are, and I know they have a desire to keep learning and developing professionally. Our EP team are experienced educators and I’m pulling from their wealth of knowledge to produce digestible and researched articles about topical trends in education in order to improve outcomes for all students.

I love organising podcasts for our EPisodes as this is a really exciting space to be sharing ideas and interviewing some world-class knowledge sources!

Favourite features 

Without a doubt my favourite feature of the platform would be Languages in Action. They are thematic, contextualised language modules that incorporate all the macro skills of additional language acquisition: listening, reading, writing and speaking. They are just so good and when I was teaching French I found it so hard to find high quality resources that would tackle all the skills. It’s a real gem.

Most excited about

It’s exciting to have Alex, our new CEO, highly focussed on investing in our team. So far this has meant greater emphasis on inter-company collaboration and also having the creative freedom to launch new projects and initiatives.







First three things you would share about EP

It. Is. Awesome.

Secret talent 

I used to be in the Territorial Force so am actually pretty good at walking with a heavy pack on my pack for days ha! That has come in handy now as I am usually wrangling a pre-schooler and a toddler and all the stuff that comes with them.

It’s been lovely reflecting on my journey with EP – thank you for the opportunity for me to share.


We also had to share this pic! This was at our Christmas party last week and Paula and the girls dressed up as the Pink Ladies, as the theme was something starting with E or P.

We think you look pretty fabulous!