Education Perfect (EP)A smart, powerful, practical training platform

to improve outcomes at work

Proven value in the platform

Staff on-boarding, off-boarding, training or compliance. The 'EP for Work' platform is outperforming existing processes and systems in four key areas.

Reducing training time by 30%+

Increased trainee pass rate by 20%+

Improving trainee engagement

Improved compliance

Engaging content

Based on all the learnings from 'EP for Classroom', a platform built by educators for educators, 'EP for Work' is feature rich for all business needs. Training material is introduced through ‘information slides’ which can include sound recordings, videos/YouTube clips and images. Trainer notes are incorporated into lessons to ensure all vital information is covered with new trainees.

Fun and engaging quiz style questions ensure a trainee’s understanding is tested throughout the module. Trainees are able to record notes and record themselves. Trainers can then listen to and provide written/spoken feedback on the submitted recording.

Automated assessments

Assessments are automatically marked and pinpoint the exact areas that trainees are not understanding. The 'EP for Work' platform will then provide automated remedial module plans to fill the knowledge gaps.

Detailed insights for every trainee

'EP for Work' gives trainers and management detailed insights to help them make informed decisions in real time and retrospectively. Reporting shows gaps in knowledge at an individual and group level. Reporting helps to track completion of tasks and requirements in order to meet compliance standards.