Mathematics: Give Me A Reason

A customisable Mathematics assessment and curriculum delivery platform that generates rich insights into student progress and automatically provides individualised next steps across a full suite of curriculum aligned content.

Teachers are provided with unparalleled data to inform teaching and learning, streamlining the process of differentiated learning in the classroom.

An engaging Mathematics platform for students of all abilities

EP Mathematics is a flexible learning platform that allows for a range of student expression when solving problems. Students of all abilities are empowered to develop rigorous approaches to a wide range of mathematical problems.

EP provides a suite of flexible and customisable online content, aligned to the curriculum and supported by application, problem solving and hands-on lessons. Teachers and students have access to a high-quality, engaging and motivating online learning experience.

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'This is a teacher’s package that actually makes our jobs easier. We’ve used Education Perfect for flipped learning (both in and out of the classroom), extension, revision, pre & post-testing, differentiated learning, diagnostic testing, exam preparation, homework and formative assessment. The package provides informative tracking of students, and the students love the gamification elements.' Rahmi Jackson, Broughton Anglican CollegeAustralia