Humanities: Engage Your World

An engaging and customisable Humanities teaching and learning solution which promotes student knowledge acquisition, essential skills development and critical thinking, while buying back precious time for the Humanities classroom.

EP Humanities provides an extensive range of engaging curriculum-aligned content across History, Geography, Economics & Business, and Civics & Citizenship. Our content is fully customisable allowing teachers to tailor it to suit their specific Humanities programme, seamlessly differentiate and obtain rich data to promote positive student outcomes.


Explore a wide spectrum of Geographical content, concepts and key skills across both Physical and Human Geography. Over 300 lessons, assessments and literacy resources which are continually updated to ensure your students are given every opportunity to succeed.


Engage your students in innovative, engaging History lessons. Over 300 fully interactive, quality lessons, assessments and literacy activities explore key Historical concepts, knowledge and skills maximising student growth.

Economics and Business

A suite of fully customisable resources which develop student knowledge and understanding on key aspects of economics and business to ensure they can make informed decisions and actively participate in society and the economy.

Civics and Citizenship

Develop students' knowledge, understanding and appreciation of what it is to be a citizen. Customisable resources to investigate political systems, legal systems and examine citizenship, diversity and identity in a modern society.

'Education Perfect has been a fantastic resource for our teachers to meet the learning needs of our students. It assists in differentiating learning tasks, tracking growth and identifying learners' strengths and areas for improvement.'Travis Goulter, Ormiston CollegeBrisbane, Queensland, Australia