English: What’s Your Story?

A levelled literacy and literature resource blending seamless differentiation with fun, engaging content to build critical thinking and fluent communication skills.

EP English is fully customisable to suit your school’s English learning programme, improving critical thinking and literacy.

Empower modern communicators

EP English aims to foster a love of literature, media and communication through thought-provoking, curriculum aligned content designed for modern teaching and learning workflows. The ever-growing library of differentiated lessons challenges students to read, view, interact with and respond to a variety of texts, skills, concepts and critical thinking activities. Teachers can create unique courses and lessons to achieve a multitude of curriculum objectives: Vocabulary building and knowledgeGrammar, punctuation and spelling proficiencyWide readingWide writing and fluency buildingVisual literacyInformation literacy and critical thinking skillsSpeaking and listening skillsEssay writingCreative writing

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'Education perfect is the perfect learning tool. I love sending my students on individualised learning journeys. The website is well designed and easy to use. This program is perfect for a school that is encouraging self directed learning.' - Lizzy Keyser, OneSchool Global New Zealand