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for the modern classroom

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Curriculum-aligned content

across a full suite of subjects

A rich library of curriculum-aligned lessons and assessments across the subject areas.  Content is carefully scaffolded to allow all students to experience success, while providing rich opportunities for higher order thinking.

Creating extra time

for teachers

Time is the most precious currency of all. On average, teachers that use 'EP for Classroom' save 5 1/2 hours per week compared to their previous planning and teaching methods. That is a lot of extra time to focus on the individual needs of your students, or yourself.

Personalised resources

to better suit students' needs

Content can also be further curated and is completely customisable to meet the needs of every learner. Rearrange, edit or build your own lessons and assessments.

Detailed insights

for each student, class and school

'EP for Classroom' gives teachers and school administrators detailed insightsto help you make informed decisions in real time and retrospectively.

Focused on student outcomes

backed by technology

EP's technology is invisible, which means you won't have to wrestle with it. Our algorithms allow teachers to focus on student learning outcomes by serving exactly the right lesson at precisely the right time for every single learner.

Formative assessments

into precise personalised lesson plans

Our cross-curricular formative assessments pinpoint the exact concepts that students are not understanding and our technology provides automated remedial lessons to fill the knowledge gaps.

99% of schools in 2019 that used 'EP for Classroom' across the world will be using the platform again. Find out why teachers love the platform year after year.

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I've been lucky enough to have used EP since its introduction in Auckland New Zealand in 2007.  Its been my absolute pleasure to introduce it to several NZ schools and now to my school in the UAE. I believe that it is essential to students having continuous access to the subject they are learning, both inside and outside the classroom.  My students have also regularly told me that it was the key to them gaining high grades in their language exams, be it IB, GCSE, NCEA or other formats.

Hilary Hunt, Victoria International School of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates