EPisodes Special | 7 weeks of school closure. Insights from a teacher.

We love talking to educators around the world to gain their valuable insights.

Our latest EPisodes: Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age, is a special where EP's Philippa chats to Keri-Lee Beasley, the High School Learning and ICT Coach at the Western Academy of Beijing, which has now been closed for 7 weeks due to COVID-19.

Keri shares the systems and processes the school has put in place. She discusses different strategies and routines which have worked well in implementing a remote learning program and also talks about this challenging situation from a personal perspective as a parent.

You can listen to the full podcast here now.


Useful links for educators:

Case Study | Beijing School, Yew Chung International

Harnessing EP and Microsoft Teams through COVID-19

Education Perfect (EP) was one of the first businesses in the world to respond to news that schools in China were disrupted or closing due to the fast spread of COVID-19. EP provides continuity against a backdrop of uncertainty. EP integrates with video and collaboration tools, like Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Classroom, whilst our technology helps teachers manage remote learning and engage students without any interruption.   

“Be flexible and adaptable, persevere, try your best to provide for the students you care about and remember: it’s all about the teaching and learning” - Manktelow.

EP’s Head of Community, Tim Vaughan, interviewed Michael Manktelow, from Yew Chung International School (YCIS), to understand how YCIS has been impacted by COVID-19, the steps YCIS has taken to adjust and maintain high teaching standards and how they integrated with EP and Microsoft Teams. 

YCIS, in Beijing, supports 750+ students through a progressive bilingual curriculum and is considered one of the leading K-12 International Schools in China. Finding a solution was a priority to YCIS to continue delivering an academically rigorous curriculum. YICS needed one platform that could enrol their students and staff almost immediately, and onboard seamlessly. 

Over a 6 week period, YCIS students have spent a combined 830 hours online learning, covering 127,000 questions across 10 subject areas. Teachers have been utilising EP online learning alongside Microsoft Teams to deliver video lessons and provide students with a degree of continuity in an entirely remote environment.

Aligning technology with pedagogy 

EP provided YCIS staff with a powerful toolkit to minimise disruption across students’ learning, revision and assessment, providing an end-to-end solution for teachers. 

Accessibility was incredibly important, as there was a wide variety of ability and comfort levels amongst the YCIS staff when it came to ICT use. EP’s user-friendly interface and workflows minimized the barriers to adoption. As a result, teachers very quickly gained confidence in monitoring students’ engagement across tasks and assessments online, managing their learning in a personalised environment.

Figure 1. Tracking students learning online, EP allows you to monitor them working on tasks and assessments in real time.

Maintaining academic rigour

As a school that prides itself on academic rigour and achievement, YCIS knew that maintaining their high academic standards would be a challenge without face-to-face contact time. EP’s 35,000 curriculum-aligned lessons provided an extensive toolkit across both their IGCSE and IB programmes, ensuring standards were upheld. 

One aspect teachers found to be particularly effective was the automatic remediation offered to students, based on their areas of development and ‘next steps’ in their learning. 

YCIS Secondary Mathematics Teacher, Sharee Hebert, shared “Personalised recommendations based on assessments give students instant feedback on what they still need to work on.”

Using EP allows teachers to offer differentiated instruction at scale in a remote environment, meaning students can continue learning at their own pace, in their own time, and on the content most suited to their needs. 

Elevating the role of a teacher

Regardless of the preparedness of a school, the requirement to move teaching fully online proves a challenge for many. YCIS staff needed to adjust almost instantly to this new way of teaching and learning - and it’s providing some encouraging results. 

The weekly report and data is useful to track student progress and identify who might need additional support. This in turn allows for teachers to reach out to specific students and offer personalised support and advice. This is important, as we are not in the classroom and we can not gauge students’ verbal responses.” - Manktelow.

Figure 2. Report breaking down recommendations based on students’ strengths and weaknesses. 

Putting the teacher at the center of the technology is central to our philosophy. By providing real-time data and insights into students' learning, teachers can provide timely and contextual support at both a class and individual level. Our authoring tools mean teachers are able to add links to video conferences or clips they’ve recorded of themselves covering certain topic areas into the lessons, ensuring a personal touch.

The platform’s self-marking capabilities, instant remediation and bank of high quality resources has also freed up teacher time, allowing them to spend more time supporting their students. 

Taking an integrated approach

Bridging the gap between the classroom and an entirely remote setting isn’t easy. YCIS’ uses Microsoft Teams as a video conferencing tool for teachers to continue delivering their lessons, alongside EP. 

EP links directly into a number of leading Learning Management Systems, creating a simple and streamlined workflow for schools. 

Figure 1.3. Deep links and integrations into Google Classroom and other major Learning Management Systems make EP a seamless experience. 

Where to start

YCIS is a great example of a school who has utilised technology to uphold an academically rigorous approach during COVID-19 disruptions. 

By using EP, their teachers have realised the power of data and insights to inform teaching practice and support students in driving positive learning outcomes. Indeed, the school closures caused by COVID-19 have in many ways forced a cultural shift in how many schools view the role of technology in the classroom. 

“Be flexible and adaptable, persevere, try your best to provide for the students you care about and remember: it’s all about the teaching and learning” - Manktelow. 

Education Perfect opened up access for schools globally during COVID-19 disruptions, through to 1 May, 2020. You can register for access or get more information here

EP & Pivot | Working Together to Keep Students Learning

We are in unprecedented times in which millions of schools are closed or are preparing to close to stop the spread of COVID-19.

We are here to help and ensure that school closures do not disrupt students’ ability to learn, communicate and connect.

Through our partnership with Pivot Professional Learning, we are offering a full-suite of tools to stem learning loss, support the social-emotional health of our students and provide ways to stay connected while at home.

Free unlimited access until 1st May to:

  • Pivot Pulse Checks of student learning, wellbeing and connectedness
  • EP for Classroom’s curriculum aligned resources, collaboration tools and data insights
  • Guides for school communities to support remote learning

EP and Pivot are committed to providing the highest quality support to drive learning and provide avenues to stay connected.

Register to gain access to guides and additional resources here.


EP response to COVID-19

Activate access for your school now

Update 13 March 2020

EP is actively supporting schools from over 30 countries around the world disrupted by COVID-19. 

Due to the on-going changing landscape, EP is providing free and unlimited access to all schools until 1st May.  

Why are schools turning to EP?

  • Our learning tool is accessible from any device
  • Live monitoring allows real time tracking of students’ progress 
  • Messaging enables teachers to provide immediate feedback and support
  • Fully customisable curriculum-aligned content ensures continuity
  • Targeted remediation provides individual learning plans for each student

Once you have completed the registration form, we will provide you with simple next steps to support you in getting your classes enrolled.

Register for your free access here


Update 18 February 2020

As the COVID-19 virus continues to disrupt students and schools, EP and their online education platform is supporting both students and teachers from their homes in a timely manner.

As a leading global education software provider, EP’s online learning tool is already helping support schools in China, Korea, SE Asia and Middle East affected by the COVID-19 virus.

Seeing a dramatic increase in support calls from impacted schools using the platform across the globe, EP launched a taskforce to help aid schools in need. EP is also looking at ways to assist schools currently not using the platform during this uncertain time.

EP’s Head of Community, Tim Vaughan, highlighted the urgency of the situation in the region –

“This is unprecedented and many schools are now having to navigate the delivery of their lessons entirely online. EP presents a unique opportunity for schools to elevate the roles of their teachers through rich data and insights, whilst providing students with an engaging and effective learning experience remotely. Plugging directly into a school’s existing Learning Management System, schools can minimise the impact of the current disruptions.” 

Currently used by over 1 million students across 1,800 schools, as a cloud-based software, EP enables schools to deliver curriculum-aligned lessons and assessments remotely. By allowing teachers to monitor and measure how students are engaging with their learning in real time, teachers can maximise their efficacy – even in a remote setting.   

The impact of learning in a remote setting was highlighted by EP’s recent engagement with the  ACAMIS (Association of China and Mongolia International Schools) Group. With their Spring Leadership Conference postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, member schools have had the opportunity to access EP and continue their teaching and learning online. The response was overwhelmingly positive which only highlighted the need to make EP available for more schools. 

EP are a New Zealand-based organisation, originally started by Craig and Shane Smith, two brothers who were struggling with their learning at school, with the platform now being used in 27 countries around the world.  

“Being able to support schools who are affected by these disruptions is very much in the Kiwi spirit. This commitment is a small reflection of the investment teachers are putting into the lives of students every day. It is great to see technology and the EP platform helping to solve this global problem.” – CEO, Alex Burke.

We’re here to help schools, organisations, and governments who are being affected by the COVID-19 disruptions.

“As we finish our 4th week of online learning (thank you COVID-19) all I can say is EP has been a lifesaver… I can monitor students, comment on their progress and reassign tasks based upon their understanding. Brilliant.”

– Brendan Miller, HoD Science from Western Academy of Beijing, China


EPisodes Season 2 | Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age

Welcome to Season 2 of EPisodes: Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age.

We’re pumped to be back and dive deep into the realms of lifelong learning, community, humanising technology, and wellbeing!

In this EPisode, Jimmy chats to our CEO, Alex Burke, a passionate storyteller, leader and innovator with the ongoing drive to transform people's lives through technology.

Alex talks about first impressions of working in the education sector and how culture building is vital to developing good internal and external relationships around learning.

“I’ve always been working in fast growing businesses and always working with customers that were very much at the leading edge."

"A few things attracted me about the industry: 

  • First it’s very relatable
  • From an industry standpoint - through my experience and working globally I feel I can make an impact. I wanted to find a business that had a purpose
  • There is definitely opportunity to inspire and make a bit of a change in this industry."

Listen to this EPisode here to hear more and check out epforlearning.com to find out more.

Artificial Intelligence - Saving time in the classroom

If you were to ask a group of teachers what the number one thing they would love more of in their classrooms, the majority would say ‘time’. The role of the teacher has evolved beyond simply creating and delivering lesson plans, to now include a gamut of administration jobs while ensuring that all students within their care are catered for, at all times.

At EP we look at different tools that can assist educators in the way that they run their classrooms. From smart educational lessons to easy differentiation techniques and easy access to analytics to help assese each and every student.

Kelly Hollis, our global head of Science recently read the article by Matthew Lynch, ‘7 Roles of Artificial Intelligence in Education’, which suggests that artificial intelligence is making its way in to our everyday lives more and more, and is no longer reserved for science fiction movies. Kelly highlighted how mobile phones alone provide us with intelligent resources such as Siri and that the opportunities these kinds of resources provide educators are able to change the way that teachers differentiate their classrooms in the future. 

Following are some of the key areas Kelly highlighted in her recent article “Artificial Intelligence - Not just for science fiction movies anymore!”

“This... ‘allows teachers to act as learning motivators’ as teachers are able to drive the learning in directions that will engage and inspire the students.”

Marking automation

One of the main roles of artificial intelligence in education is the automation of marking - something that is going to save teachers precious time. EP allows teachers to assign their students activities that will be automatically marked with detailed feedback provided to both the teacher and student at the push of a button. Teachers are able to see the strengths and weakness of the cohort at once and dive deeper, right down to the individual child. Pre and post test results are able to be compared easily to provide the teacher with growth data to ensure that their teaching and learning strategies have helped to improve student outcomes.

Filling gaps in understanding – automted or differentiated

Through the use of the ‘Targeted Remediation’ function within the Assessments feature of the platform, teachers are able to see exactly which students need help with which areas of the content assessed - another role of artificial intelligence explored in Lynch’s article, identifying weaknesses in the classroom. The platform then recommends resources to the teacher that can be used for these individual students to help fill these gaps in their understanding. 

This remediation can be automated or the teacher can choose to differentiate their classroom by assigning appropriate remedial work to those students who require it while also assigning extension work to those students who require a bit of a push. Being able to easily assign different resources to different students within the same class matches the roles ‘meet a variety of student’s needs’ and ‘provide personalised help’ perfectly.


In my teaching with EP, I moved away from using the ‘Tasks & Homework’ function to the ‘Assessment’ function to give my students small quizzes to enable me to be able to differentiate my classroom better. I was able to see what areas of the content we were covering that the students already had a solid grasp on so that we could explore these in other ways such as project based learning and inquiry learning, versus those areas where students were not as strong and therefore needed a bit more teacher input. This shows how EP meets the role, ‘allow teachers to act as learning motivators’ as teachers are able to drive the learning in directions that will engage and inspire the students.  

Access and discoverability

Along with the ability to gather quick and detailed data about my students strengths and weaknesses, EP allowed me to provide my students with syllabus aligned content wherever they needed it. If students were absent for any reason, they were able to maintain their studies by logging in to the EP platform. This meant that learning did not stop for students. The way that the platform is designed also allows students to explore the content library at their own discretion. This allows students to delve into areas of the syllabus that interest them as well as exploring areas that they feel they need more help with, without having to rely on the teacher to assign the work. 

Although artificial intelligence and programs like EP will never replace a teacher in a classroom, they provide educators with the tools needed to be able to accelerate the potential for differentiation and develop personalized learning experiences for their students.  

If you are interested in how you can harness EP in your classroom then reach out to support@educationperfect.com We are here to help.

Image Source: Getting Smart

EPeeps Dia Jalil | Digital Learning Consultant - South East Asia and Middle East

Today we introduce you to Dia, a passionate language lover who is driven to spread the EP vision for positive learning and teaching throughout Asia. Dia has been with EP since 2017 and is currently based in Shanghai. She is helping to influence online learning across Asia and the Middle East and striving to share it globally as well. We love having her bright personality in the EP family!

Meet Dia
I was born in Indonesia and grew up in Australia. I studied Linguistics, Japanese and Security Studies and became a Japanese and Social Studies teacher when I moved to New Zealand with my now husband in 2013. I am passionate about language learning and teaching; I am fluent in Indonesian and Japanese, and currently learning Mandarin. I also have hopes to pick up another language in the near future (perhaps Spanish?). My other passion is cooking and baking - I make a mean brunch and I've surprised many Swiss friends (and made my Swiss mother-in-law proud) for knowing how to make Basler Leckerli from scratch! 

I had the opportunity to join EP as a Teacher Consultant in 2017 when I moved to Taipei, and later, Shanghai. What drew me to the role was the prospect of being able to support hundreds of teachers across the world and help influence the shape of online learning today and in the future. 

Currently I am really enjoying supporting our teachers in South East Asia and the Middle East and growing the market in this region. 

A Shanghai story
We had the opportunity to live in China through my husband's work. We both have always wanted to learn the language and wanted to experience living in such a unique and rapidly changing country that is China for ourselves. 

I love how well connected and close-knit the international school community is. You could be working with a teacher in Malaysia and find out they've worked with another teacher in Dubai! I also once ran an online PD and found out one of the attendees was my former high school Japanese teacher!

As for life in Shanghai - it's amazing how there's basically an app for all facets of life here, and that sometimes it's faster to order something online than actually going to a store! For example, it takes less than an hour to order groceries to my doorstep! 

Favourite features
There are so many! If I had to choose, it would be our assessment tool - the fact that the system can easily identify gaps in students' learning and assign remedial tasks based on each student's individual needs is amazing! Teachers are able to customise these assessments and create their own, ensuring that they can utilise these features to fit the specific needs of their students and learning plans. 

Dustyn and Dia, part of the South East Asia and Middle East team

Three things about EP
1. We have lots of great lessons and resources made by expert content creators and a powerful platform that easily supports personalised learning and formative assessments.
2. Everything is customisable and the more you use it, the more cool things you'll find you can do with it.
3. We have a team of experienced teacher consultants that can provide training and support for all teachers using our platform. 

Most excited about
No other education technology company listens and provides the support like we do for our teachers. It makes me confident that we will continue to grow and remain a valuable service for teachers around the world. 

Asia is the fastest growing region in the world. Not only that, education is highly valued here and people are keen to try out new technologies. That’s really exciting.


Thanks so much for sharing Dia! We are so excited for the opportunities in Asia, and the Middle East. There is no better team to be engaging with the education community and driving positive learning outcomes in the region. Thank you!

EPeeps Dustyn Smith | SE Asia & Middle East Community Leader

Meet our latest EPeep, Dustyn Smith, EP’s SE Asia and Middle East Community Leader, based in Singapore. A recent addition to the EP family and a huge ambassador of the EP platform, he spends his days talking to international schools sharing the transformational learning possibilities of the EP platform. We are lucky to have him on board.

55 international schools in 16 countries already use EP to supercharge their teaching and learning experience and we’re looking to build on this fantastic engagement in the region.

Meet Dustyn

My professional background is working for US startup marketing technology companies. My last two roles have been establishing a presence in a new region (first person on the ground) and helping to build a team and territory. EdTech is new to me but after only 3 months at EP, it feels like I have been here for a lifetime.

My path to EP has been exciting and feels like the stars aligned at the right time. I actually met Burkey (Alex Burke, our CEO) at a charity golf day back in 2018. We exchanged numbers that day and several games of golf, a few beers, some lunch and a golf buggy in a bunker (story to tell over a beer) later and I am now part of this exciting company.

I cover all business internationally (outside of ANZ) however our initial focus will be to penetrate and establish a stronger presence in Asia and the Middle East. Once we are established here then we will focus on other regions.

The feedback from our trialling and paying schools is amazing. The teachers and students love the value the platform brings and we are already making a ton of noise and are being introduced to many other international schools.

Personally – I was born and grew up in Zimbabwe. When I turned 17 I decided to check out the UK and 18 years later I now live in Singapore (My mum still asks me regularly when I will be coming home). I am happily married and recently welcomed my daughter (Sophia Ren Smith) into the world.

Why become an EPeep

I loved the product and can feel that I am now very lucky to be part of an organisation that is having a positive impact on our future generations.

Favourite features to date

I am a data-driven person, so for me, the best thing about the platform is the reporting and analytics that can be provided.

Most excited about the future of EP

The size of the opportunity ahead and the team that I have around me to take over the world. Literally!

Three things you share about EP

The fact that we have over 1,800 Schools in 27 Countries with over 50,000 teachers using our platform to teach in the classroom. I think these three things really demonstrate that we have done something right.

A day in the life of EP Singapore

Well, 3 months in I am still learning a lot. I am focusing on observing and digesting as much as I can. I am lucky to have Burkey in the office so it’s just us two at the moment. My days have been very busy. If I am not out visiting schools then I am on the phone with schools. I also have the world’s best teammate – Dia Jalil, based in Shanghai who I work super closely with. Right now I am on a plane to Dubai to meet Dia and we have a jam-packed week of school visits in Dubai and Abu Dhabi!


EPeeps Paula Prouse | Leader of Pedagogy

Today we introduce you to the incredibly bubbly and passionate lifelong learning advocate, Paula! She completed her Masters of Education with Distinction while working, looking after her son, and pregnant with her daughter. Focused on leadership and tech in the classroom, Paula is already having an enormous impact on our growing community of educators, our team and brings joy where she goes.

“Learning an additional language is a wonderfully winding journey: it’s challenging, deeply personal, and students need to take it at their own pace. When I used EP in my classroom, I observed that the platform beautifully supported and enhanced what I was teaching. I saw students gain confidence using French, because they could consolidate vocabulary and grammar in a way that worked for them.”

Meet Paula

Hi! My name is Paula and I’m the Leader of Pedagogy at EP. I’m a trained secondary French and English teacher and grew up and taught in Wellington. I’m married to Paul (yup, Paul and Paula) and have a three-year-old, Archie, and a one-year old, Margaux. I get a real buzz about education and lifelong learning and last year, graduated from Victoria University of Wellington with my Master of Education. I focused on educational leadership and also digital technologies in the classroom. It was a full-on time with a toddler, being pregnant, and working, but with some epic support, endless cups of tea, and late nights, I got there!

Back in 2015, I remember sitting at my kitchen bench with my husband looking at the EP website saying “gosh if there’s one company I’d ever work for that wasn’t in teaching, it’d be EP” and without any exaggeration, the following week I was approached by co-founder Craig and asked to interview for a new role. I had used EP throughout my teaching career and hopped on board to provide professional development for teachers undertaking the pilot online examinations. I just loved, and continue to love, the commitment to making learning engaging, fun, and effective.

A day in the life...

I work from home, so my interactions are mainly online. I interact with my manager Emma, Head of Operations, and she supports any projects I’m undertaking. I work closely with Jimmy, our Global Head of English. He is one of the hosts of our new podcast series called EPisodes: Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age. We collaborate really well on crafting new content to be released. I also link in most days with Olivia, Head of Training and Professional Development, and Nikita, Marketing Operations Manager, for their help with design, advice on social media, and general inspiration. It’s such a neat group of people.

I’m currently focussed on growing our LinkedIn and Facebook groups which are collaborative hubs for educators to share resources, interact, and engage with educational articles we produce. I know how busy teachers are, and I know they have a desire to keep learning and developing professionally. Our EP team are experienced educators and I’m pulling from their wealth of knowledge to produce digestible and researched articles about topical trends in education in order to improve outcomes for all students.

I love organising podcasts for our EPisodes as this is a really exciting space to be sharing ideas and interviewing some world-class knowledge sources!

Favourite features 

Without a doubt my favourite feature of the platform would be Languages in Action. They are thematic, contextualised language modules that incorporate all the macro skills of additional language acquisition: listening, reading, writing and speaking. They are just so good and when I was teaching French I found it so hard to find high quality resources that would tackle all the skills. It’s a real gem.

Most excited about

It’s exciting to have Alex, our new CEO, highly focussed on investing in our team. So far this has meant greater emphasis on inter-company collaboration and also having the creative freedom to launch new projects and initiatives.







First three things you would share about EP

It. Is. Awesome.

Secret talent 

I used to be in the Territorial Force so am actually pretty good at walking with a heavy pack on my pack for days ha! That has come in handy now as I am usually wrangling a pre-schooler and a toddler and all the stuff that comes with them.

It’s been lovely reflecting on my journey with EP – thank you for the opportunity for me to share.


We also had to share this pic! This was at our Christmas party last week and Paula and the girls dressed up as the Pink Ladies, as the theme was something starting with E or P.

We think you look pretty fabulous!

EPeeps Jimmy Bowens | Global Head of English

Today we introduce the highly experienced wordsmith, entertaining and inspiring man of many talents, Jimmy Bowens, our Global Head of English.

A passionate literacy educator, Jimmy is a true believer in the impact of digital learning on the teaching and learning experience. Jimmy is a constant educator, writer and contributor, constantly driving the development of the EP English suite, and literacy development resources, globally.

“That is what the world needs I feel, more positive human interaction alongside technology.”

Meet Jimmy

I was born and raised in the West of Ireland in the beautiful town of Galway. My childhood consisted of fistfights, furious adventuring and constant sports but everything was balanced by the humour and poetry that is Irish culture. I have spent most of my adult life away from Ireland discovering a wide range of fascinating countries and cultures and now reside in stunning New Zealand. I am a dreamer and have never once been bored reading a book or looking out of a window. I am in love with the nuance of humanity and enjoy wide-ranging discussions. When I am not working I am either cuddling and giggling with my three mischievous children or helping my wife dampen the beautiful chaos of our household. In those rare spare hours, I am floating on a surfboard dreaming at the sunrise or sunset or walking with my camera in some isolated wilderness. On a very rare occasion, I am sitting on a green chair in the corner of an upstairs room strumming my guitar.

English literature was certainly the early catalyst for me in becoming a teacher. Once I read the art of Yeats, Emily Dickinson and James Joyce I knew I would never escape the labyrinthine world of wordcraft. However, teaching soon became an art in and of itself. The subject was the conduit but the grit, grime and conflict of teaching fascinated me. I found that empowering young people to find the right words with which to express their truth and perspective was the most motivating endeavour in the world. Having enjoyed the classroom and community version of teaching for over ten years, I was intrigued by the prospect of experiencing the virtual version of it. Joining the EP team allowed me to nurture my own young family while continuing to inquire, investigate, support and interact with schools, teachers and students via the subject I love.

Why EP?

I was looking for ways to buy more time in order to support students who were struggling to squeeze academia into their lives. I discovered EP and saw huge potential in it to facilitate smarter teaching and support impactful pedagogy with students who need it most.

Current projects

Currently, we are wrapping up our Information Literacy project which is a wide-ranging bank of lessons aimed at supporting students in navigating the chaotic online world. We are also working on Senior English content mostly geared towards facilitating deep literary critique and response. In addition to the content development projects, I am working with an amazing team to create authentic education-centric articles and podcasts to inspire teachers and generate lively discussion around teaching and learning in this digital age.

Favourite features

I love the amount of flexibility and transparency EP provides teachers with regard to resource management and assessment for learning. The fact that teachers can take full control of all the pre-built content and morph it into something that will resonate with and create meaning for individual students anywhere in the world, astounds me. I love how the customisation options will allow a department of teachers to hone and organise their resources in such a way that it will dramatically reduce their marking and facilitate more meaningful connection time with students. That is what the world needs I feel, more positive human interaction alongside technology. EP can provide that for teachers and students.

Memorable moments

I have frequent interactions with teachers where the conversations start as an evaluative discussion of the resource. However, almost always, the teacher will comment on the increased engagement they see. It then usually focuses on an individual student which has started to respond and increase their effort on the subject tasks. I have heard many wonderful stories about students who find a way of working which doesn't make them feel inferior, unintelligent, intimidated or out of place by using our platform. It is this dissolution of those learning barriers which teachers are most affected by. A student who feels they can learn safely and without peer judgement can usually find their way to success with the support of an engaged teacher. It is quite satisfying to work with a team which generates so many anecdotes of this type.

Most excited about

I have been so impressed by how fast our development team have been able to increase the functions and features of EP that it is difficult to imagine the heights to which they can drive this technology. However, I am specifically excited about annotation for writing, textual analysis, teacher collaboration tools, student group work functionality and cross-curricular project learning facility. On the data and tracking side of things, I think the further development of our sophisticated tagging and tracking technology will provide teachers and learners with precise, accurate proficiency information. It will be even more efficient for teachers and learners to learn and create through a system which is responsive to their learning needs at a granular level.

EP in your words

For teachers, I would describe EP as a complement to the natural learning journeys which occur between people and as a responsive, reliable resource manager which looks after the data so you can be free to think, play, interact, create and learn at your own pace with your students.

For students, I would describe EP as a safe learning space where you can enjoy challenging yourself and interacting with your peers around genuine and meaningful learning content.

For School Administrators and parents I would describe EP as a teaching and learning platform which unifies teachers and students and provides seamless access to engagement and progress data at any time.

Check out our Linked-in page: Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age

Check out our Podcast: EPisodes on buzzsprout

When asked if there was one person Jimmy would like to meet, his response was...

There is no answer I seek that much. We live, we love, we laugh we die. I have never met Stephen Fry or the person who drives the recycling truck and I enjoy not assuming one of them has better answers.

Thanks so much Jimmy for your passion and your time.

You can see Jimmy is quite the character and plays a significant role in the development of EP everyday. For more of Jimmy’s insights follow him on twitter @EPjbowens