Our EPeeps are always challenging themselves to new ideas, new knowledge, and new ways of doing things – and September is no exception. Through a number of new initiatives, we’ve invited students, teachers, and schools to join us in challenging themselves – however big or small! Here’s a few highlights of what’s been going on: 

1. Student Spotlight September

For the month of September, we’ve put student well-being front and centre. Through a range of initiatives and resources, our focus was to assist in building efficacy and resilience in students in one of the toughest years of their schooling. 

Partnering with The Big Smoke, we announced a writing competition offering students a chance to share their voice and to have a monthly feature over a period of 6 months on the TBS Next Gen platform, with mentorship from TBS journalist.

Here is a little teaser from a two of our entries to date:

“With a huge glass of Lipton Raspberry Ice Tea™ (not sponsored) next to me on my desk and a printed copy of my speaker notes (always be prepared, kids) I managed to get my precious brain baby of a slideshow up and running. As the picture of my face disappeared, replaced by my opening slide, I realised something. Not only could I not see (the majority of) my classmates’ real-time faces, they couldn’t see me. And that really lifted a weight off of my shoulders. I felt like I was floating. I didn’t have to be self-conscious of how I looked, or make eye contact with people without mucking up my line. I was totally free and unlimited and in complete control.”

Madison, Auckland NZ

“I am a huge supporter of the internet and technology, due to the limitless capabilities that they provide. I believe that technology has increased the efficiency of education and the ease of receiving one. I am a firm believer in education and its importance within society, but I understand what will eventually occur with all the power of technology at everyone’s fingertips.”

Isabella, Melbourne

Competition closes on the 30th of October. For more details on how to enter click here.

The team at EP have also created and compiled a wealth of well-being resources to share with our students. To discover our well-being resources check them out on our website! 

2. Whakataetae Reo Māori

During Te Wiki o te Reo Māori (Māori Language Week), we hosted our annual Whakataetae Reo Māori (Māori Language Competition), a competition open to all of our NZ students and teachers. Our whakataetae celebrates Te Reo Māori and aims to help facilitate its inclusion, featuring many words and sentences used in everyday life, whether at home, with friends and family, or in the classroom. We at EP couldn’t be any prouder to have seen over 5 million questions answered across our 3-day event! Ka pai to all of our akonga (students) and kaiako (teachers) for their efforts. 

Want to find out more about our Te Ao Māori content and courses? Email us at support@educationperfect.com to find out more about our teacher, student, and independent learner courses!

3. EP Maths Championships 2020 

Our last of the World Series events has come to a close with the EP Maths Championships wrapping up for the year – and what an amazing outcome it was! We saw even more questions answered across the globe this year, reaching over 23 million – all of our competing mathletes had no trouble getting to the root of any problem, and tackling questions from all angles. A huge congratulations to Mission Heights Junior College in New Zealand, for achieving over 1.2 million points and coming out as our top school across the globe! To discover more on our Maths offering, click here.

4. International Literacy Day

If you’re a lover of literature, you’ll love our announcement for International Literacy Day! Literacy provides many key skills that are important for all students, and we want to help students from all walks of life flourish on their literacy journey. EP offers a diverse range of content to help students master all things literacy; from diagnostic tests to a bank of differentiated fluency resources, we’re here to help all of your students build their literary strength! 

Find out more about our literacy modules here!

5. Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age

It’s been a wonderful month jam packed of rich content to support the teaching and learning cycle. Our latest EPisodes podcast showcases student voice. Jimmy and Wren Gillett chat about the power and significance of student voice, agency, and empowerment. Jimmy also crafted a heartfelt poem to the graduating students of 2020. And Mel mused over what it means to be truly connected in this hyper connected world. Lastly, Philippa looked at how fostering a growth mindset is essential for creating lifelong learners who are not held back by self-imposed boundaries.

6. In the Media | Smart Company

This month our CEO, Alex Burke, spoke to Smart Company about his first 12 months at EP and all the amazing things we have achieved as a team. It was a jam packed interview, just like the last 12 months at EP. You can read the full article here.

7. Meet Our EPeeps

Each month we like to introduce you to some our team, share their stories, loves, passions, why they became an EPeep and more. This month we are excited to introduce you to:

What’s ahead for October:

We have a lot of great initiatives ahead for October including our EP Languages Video Making Competition and the EP Student Internship submissions for 2021. Keep an eye out and get involved.


We love feedback, so if there is anything you are interested in, or want to know more about, then let us know.

Have a wonderful October.