Today we introduce you to our baking fanatic, bass playing, Inbound Team Manager, Reanne de Ruiter! Reanne has been with EP for two and a half years and talks to us about how she became an EPeep, what she enjoys most about her role and what she’s most excited for!

Meet Reanne

Hey hey! My name’s Reanne, and I joined EP around two and a half years ago. I started off as a Customer Support Assistant before becoming a Shift Manager, and then moved into the Inbound Team Manager role at the beginning of 2020. I grew up in Lower Hutt, and I’m quite often back in Wellington visiting family and friends. I moved to Dunedin at the beginning of 2017 with my partner, but Welly is home! Outside of EP, you’ll find me in my kitchen baking up a storm, or adventuring around some of the cool spots around Dunedin and the beautiful South Island.

Why EP?

I hadn’t even heard of EP before I started working here! I very much fell into the role, and then quickly realised that I wouldn’t be leaving any time soon. One of the biggest positives for me is that the work culture at EP is incomparable to anywhere I’ve worked before, and my team is hugely supportive in many ways. Wellbeing has also been made a priority within the business, and a good work/life balance isn’t just achievable, it’s encouraged!

Morning routine

I’m usually woken up hours before the crack of dawn by one of two spoiled cats, whose preferred method of waking me up is by flinging anything on my bedside table onto the floor. Then it’s off to F45 Training for a group fitness session workout! I was introduced to it through EP running weekly classes through work with my partner, followed by the largest coffee I can get my hands on before heading into the office.

Favourite part of your role

A couple things spring to mind, but one of the main things is that no two days are the same. Things are always evolving at EP (sometimes very quickly), so you have to learn to adjust and react, and you’re always kept on your toes. Our work in support is also quite reactive, meaning our volumes directly determine how busy we are at any given time! I love the chaos that can come with busy volumes – the work is very rarely repetitive, and there’s plenty of opportunity for challenge and improvement. I also have the opportunity to interact with many different departments and parts of the company, and so I get to see how the puzzle pieces all fit together.

Secret talent

I have played the bass guitar since I was about 12! I played in several bands (mostly metal – don’t @ me) throughout high school, and in one we ended up releasing an EP. I still dabble, although not nearly as much as I used to.


Favourite EP feature

At the moment, it’s the live monitoring functionality in tasks and assessments. This has become so important with the recent shift to remote learning, and it’s such valuable information to have access to when you’re not physically there with your students.

Most excited for

In general, travel. The recent lockdown has made it clear to me what an absolute privilege it is to be able to travel and experience other countries and cultures. I’m itching to plan another trip but it’ll just have to wait!

Thanks for sharing, Reanne! The team is lucky to have you and I bet they’re excited for you to bring in some of those baking goods!