After a few weeks of rest for our Australian and New Zealand schools, it’s time to think about what’s around the corner. For students and teachers alike, revision and exams are front of mind. While we at EP aren’t sitting our own exams, we’re also revising our own features and content, and how we can best support schools.

Here’s a few of the different projects and events we’ve been working on this month:

1. Content Importing Tool

Our creative and innovative Product Team are beginning to explore ways to bring existing lessons onto EP, without having to build them from scratch. They’re currently reaching out to a number of teachers across the globe to learn more about what would be most helpful, with the aim to make EP even more accessible, and to save time for anyone with pre-existing lessons already built off of EP. 

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2. Languages Video Competition

EP’s annual Languages Video Competition is currently running, and is open for all year 3-10 students around the world. Our Languages Video Competition is a great way for students to apply their language learning in a fun and meaningful context, helping consolidate their progress across the school year.

Interested in signing up? You can register here!

3. Community Workshops

With lockdown restrictions beginning to ease in many locations, we’re back to expanding the support we can offer for our EP communities. Around New Zealand and Western Australia, we’re looking at hosting our community workshops – offering teachers and schools a chance to connect with those in their community, and learn more about how to implement EP into everyday teaching practice. Keep your eyes open for upcoming workshops! 

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4. Breast Cancer Awareness Month

On the 14th of October, we ran a Pink Ribbon morning tea in support of Breast Cancer Month. It was great to see so many of our EPeeps wearing pink and donating towards funds for breast cancer research, education and patient support.

5. DocPlay

We are proud to announce a new content partnership with DocPlay. DocPlay is the destination for the world’s best documentaries, with a focus on curation and quality stories. This partnership will enable us to include award winning films and documentaries in EP’s lessons, making learning even more fun and engaging for students. We’ll be posting content updates in the coming weeks. 

Find out more about DocPlay here!

6. Teacher wellbeing it really important to us

With teachers facing one of the hardest years of their careers thanks to the challenges of online learning throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, it raises the question – who’s checking in on their wellbeing? Alex Burke, CEO, reflects on the importance of teacher wellbeing and how we all play a part in supporting it. 

Read Alex’s article here

7. Meet more of our EPeeps

Each month we like to introduce you to some of our team, share their stories, loves, passions, why they became an EP and more. This month we are excited to introduce you to:

Kelly Body

Piers Furney

Sophie Roberts


What’s ahead for November?

While Australia and New Zealand are deeper into exams, many of our Northern Hemisphere schools are only nearing halfway through their school year. For them, it’s a great chance to try out some of our competitions, including the FOBISIA Maths Competitions, and the EP Northern Languages Championships. As always, our team are here to help, and are just an email away! For any questions on our upcoming events, community workshops, or what’s in our pipeline for development, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

Have a great November!