Recently, Alex Burke, our CEO, was asked to talk experience and insights on Kochies Business Builders live webcast series: How to build business resilience.

Kochies Business Builders is a live interactive webcast exploring how digital tech and data-driven insights can help you to align your purpose, passion and persistence to evolve your business for success during these challenging times.

In this webcast Alex talks about our team culture and how increased flexibility, collaboration, and communication have been vital to enable us to continue supporting our schools. Also the team of experts including David Koch, Jason Toshack and Michael Earp, discuss and discover how to respond, recover and build a more sustainable business.

Watch, Listen and Learn:

  • The role purpose plays in meeting customers’ needs.
  • How to prioritise areas of your business as customer demands evolve.
  • How to use data to identify new business opportunities.
  • How digital solutions can support change.
  • How technology can foster collaboration.

You can read more about the panel and sign up to watch the webcast here.

Or you can watch the conversation live on Facebook.