Welcome to Season 2 of EPisodes: Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age.

We’re pumped to be back and dive deep into the realms of lifelong learning, community, humanising technology, and wellbeing!

In this EPisode, Jimmy chats to our CEO, Alex Burke, a passionate storyteller, leader and innovator with the ongoing drive to transform people’s lives through technology.

Alex talks about first impressions of working in the education sector and how culture building is vital to developing good internal and external relationships around learning.

“I’ve always been working in fast growing businesses and always working with customers that were very much at the leading edge.”

“A few things attracted me about the industry: 

  • First it’s very relatable
  • From an industry standpoint – through my experience and working globally I feel I can make an impact. I wanted to find a business that had a purpose
  • There is definitely opportunity to inspire and make a bit of a change in this industry.”

Listen to this EPisode here to hear more and check out epforlearning.com to find out more.