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Update 27 March 2020

Working Together to Minimise Learning Disruptions

The learning landscape is rapidly changing and EP is forever looking at ways to support students, parents and schools in these uncertain times.

We wanted to give you a quick update on how we are supporting COVID-19 impacted schools, reassure you that there are ways to minimise disruptions to learning outcomes and share some resources that can help in the transition to online learning.

Ways to help the transition:

1. Continuous learning – EP has fully customisable curriculum-aligned content ensuring continuity from the classroom to the home. EP has former teachers on staff who can facilitate the use of the platform and run tutorials so that schools can be up and running within hours. It’s a quick and easy set up and can be accessed from anywhere.

2. Personalisation and real-time tracking – Live monitoring allows real time tracking of students’ progress minimising disruption and enabling live teacher feedback and engagement. Teachers also have the capabilities for targeted remediation and can provide individual learning plans for each student. Students are just as connected as ever with their teachers.

3. It’s fun and engaging

< Students love: the accessible, engaging learning material as well as the competitive and gamified elements. 

< Teachers love: the depth and flexibility of the resources, alongside the ease of individualisation for their learners. 

< School leadership loves: the wealth of data and insights around student progression. 

< Parents love: seeing their children engaged and progressing in their learning.

4. Webinars for teachers – To support our global community of teachers who suddenly find themselves required to teach remotely, EP will be running free daily webinars over the coming weeks to help navigate distance education. 

  • ‘Getting Started’ webinars are 15 minutes each and cover topics such as setting tasks, setting assessments, enrolling students and tracking student data remotely. 
  • ‘Content Support’ webinars are 30-minute deep dives into one of our subject areas, covering how best to use the unique features of EP in your remote teaching. 

Teachers can register here>

5. Ensuring student and teacher wellbeing – We have partnered with Pivot Professional Learning who focus on learning, wellbeing and connectedness, and have a set of checklists available for students, parents, teachers and the community.

You can read more about the different resources available here.>

Since yesterday we are supporting over 1.2 million students, from over 4031 schools, in 76 countries around the world, and we are reaching out to anyone else who needs our support. 

Yesterday alone, over 60 years of educational content was consumed online by students using EP. 

Remember we are here to help. Register for access here or contact our support team at


Update 13 March 2020

EP is actively supporting schools from over 30 countries around the world disrupted by COVID-19. 

Due to the on-going changing landscape, EP is providing free and unlimited access to all schools until 1st May.  

Why are schools turning to EP?

  • Our learning tool is accessible from any device
  • Live monitoring allows real time tracking of students’ progress 
  • Messaging enables teachers to provide immediate feedback and support
  • Fully customisable curriculum-aligned content ensures continuity
  • Targeted remediation provides individual learning plans for each student

Once you have completed the registration form, we will provide you with simple next steps to support you in getting your classes enrolled.

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Update 18 February 2020

As the COVID-19 virus continues to disrupt students and schools, EP and their online education platform is supporting both students and teachers from their homes in a timely manner.

As a leading global education software provider, EP’s online learning tool is already helping support schools in China, Korea, SE Asia and Middle East affected by the COVID-19 virus.

Seeing a dramatic increase in support calls from impacted schools using the platform across the globe, EP launched a taskforce to help aid schools in need. EP is also looking at ways to assist schools currently not using the platform during this uncertain time.

EP’s Head of Community, Tim Vaughan, highlighted the urgency of the situation in the region –

“This is unprecedented and many schools are now having to navigate the delivery of their lessons entirely online. EP presents a unique opportunity for schools to elevate the roles of their teachers through rich data and insights, whilst providing students with an engaging and effective learning experience remotely. Plugging directly into a school’s existing Learning Management System, schools can minimise the impact of the current disruptions.” 

Currently used by over 1 million students across 1,800 schools, as a cloud-based software, EP enables schools to deliver curriculum-aligned lessons and assessments remotely. By allowing teachers to monitor and measure how students are engaging with their learning in real time, teachers can maximise their efficacy – even in a remote setting.   

The impact of learning in a remote setting was highlighted by EP’s recent engagement with the  ACAMIS (Association of China and Mongolia International Schools) Group. With their Spring Leadership Conference postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, member schools have had the opportunity to access EP and continue their teaching and learning online. The response was overwhelmingly positive which only highlighted the need to make EP available for more schools. 

EP are a New Zealand-based organisation, originally started by Craig and Shane Smith, two brothers who were struggling with their learning at school, with the platform now being used in 27 countries around the world.  

“Being able to support schools who are affected by these disruptions is very much in the Kiwi spirit. This commitment is a small reflection of the investment teachers are putting into the lives of students every day. It is great to see technology and the EP platform helping to solve this global problem.” – CEO, Alex Burke.

We’re here to help schools, organisations, and governments who are being affected by the COVID-19 disruptions.

“As we finish our 4th week of online learning (thank you COVID-19) all I can say is EP has been a lifesaver… I can monitor students, comment on their progress and reassign tasks based upon their understanding. Brilliant.”

– Brendan Miller, HoD Science from Western Academy of Beijing, China