Today we introduce you to Dia, a passionate language lover who is driven to spread the EP vision for positive learning and teaching throughout Asia. Dia has been with EP since 2017 and is currently based in Shanghai. She is helping to influence online learning across Asia and the Middle East and striving to share it globally as well. We love having her bright personality in the EP family!

Meet Dia
I was born in Indonesia and grew up in Australia. I studied Linguistics, Japanese and Security Studies and became a Japanese and Social Studies teacher when I moved to New Zealand with my now husband in 2013. I am passionate about language learning and teaching; I am fluent in Indonesian and Japanese, and currently learning Mandarin. I also have hopes to pick up another language in the near future (perhaps Spanish?). My other passion is cooking and baking – I make a mean brunch and I’ve surprised many Swiss friends (and made my Swiss mother-in-law proud) for knowing how to make Basler Leckerli from scratch! 

I had the opportunity to join EP as a Teacher Consultant in 2017 when I moved to Taipei, and later, Shanghai. What drew me to the role was the prospect of being able to support hundreds of teachers across the world and help influence the shape of online learning today and in the future. 

Currently I am really enjoying supporting our teachers in South East Asia and the Middle East and growing the market in this region. 

A Shanghai story
We had the opportunity to live in China through my husband’s work. We both have always wanted to learn the language and wanted to experience living in such a unique and rapidly changing country that is China for ourselves. 

I love how well connected and close-knit the international school community is. You could be working with a teacher in Malaysia and find out they’ve worked with another teacher in Dubai! I also once ran an online PD and found out one of the attendees was my former high school Japanese teacher!

As for life in Shanghai – it’s amazing how there’s basically an app for all facets of life here, and that sometimes it’s faster to order something online than actually going to a store! For example, it takes less than an hour to order groceries to my doorstep! 

Favourite features
There are so many! If I had to choose, it would be our assessment tool – the fact that the system can easily identify gaps in students’ learning and assign remedial tasks based on each student’s individual needs is amazing! Teachers are able to customise these assessments and create their own, ensuring that they can utilise these features to fit the specific needs of their students and learning plans. 

Dustyn and Dia, part of the South East Asia and Middle East team

Three things about EP
1. We have lots of great lessons and resources made by expert content creators and a powerful platform that easily supports personalised learning and formative assessments.
2. Everything is customisable and the more you use it, the more cool things you’ll find you can do with it.
3. We have a team of experienced teacher consultants that can provide training and support for all teachers using our platform. 

Most excited about
No other education technology company listens and provides the support like we do for our teachers. It makes me confident that we will continue to grow and remain a valuable service for teachers around the world. 

Asia is the fastest growing region in the world. Not only that, education is highly valued here and people are keen to try out new technologies. That’s really exciting.


Thanks so much for sharing Dia! We are so excited for the opportunities in Asia, and the Middle East. There is no better team to be engaging with the education community and driving positive learning outcomes in the region. Thank you!