EP understands the critical importance of differentiation in the modern classroom. We have a number of tools to help teachers achieve this, while also saving time, so you can spend more one-on-one with your students.

Individualised learning pathways

Our Quick Tests feature is a simple and effective tool for identifying strengths and areas for improvement.

It also enables you to automatically and easily assign targeted next steps tailored to each individual learner.

Lessons designed to allow all students to experience success

Smart Lessons are carefully scaffolded to ensure they are accessible to a range of learners.

They follow a mastery model, which tailors the experience for each individual based on their responses.

Developing deeper thinking

Constructed with Bloom’s Taxonomy at their core and explicitly using cognitive verbs to build student understanding, our Smart Lessons support higher order thinking in the flow of the lesson for all students to access.

Promoting student agency

All work completed by learners is analysed to generate sets of recommended lessons, ensuring meaningful learning is always available.

Content customisation

Teachers have full access to the EP editor and can customise the content to respond to the diversity and character of their students.

Content mapping and tagging

Looking ahead to 2020, we are excited to launch into extensive efforts to tag and map our resources to curriculum standards. This will open possibilities for many further advances in individualised learning, such as: deeper learning insights, increased student agency and improved content discoverability.

Here is a short video from our Global Head of English, Jimmy Bowens, that outlines some of the ways that teachers can differentiate using EP.

We look forward to working with you to provide students with personalised learning journeys.

We are here for you, so please reach out support@educationperfect.com if you have any feedback or suggestions.